Recruitment & Development

At Temple, cultivating, enabling, and strengthening our outstanding faculty is the first—and most important—step to achieving university-wide academic excellence. In support of our institutional vision for the 21st century, the office of the Provost is committed to identifying top talent and developing junior faculty. New faculty are encouraged to take advantage of Temple's many resources, including the new faculty orientation as well as Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Canvas training programs. Further, recruitment and development initiatives regularly team with Student Affairs, Undergraduate Studies, and International Affairs to provide resources to support faculty in the classroom and beyond.

Excellence & Recognition

At Temple, we celebrate faculty who go above and beyond in their fields to achieve excellence—whether it's in the classroom, lab or community. Such outstanding work is recognized at the university level through several honors recognizing faculty excellence: The Great Teacher Award, the Lindback Award, and the University Service Award are pillars of our commitment to fostering faculty innovation across campus.


As part of our mission to establish Temple as a leader in scholarship and the arts, the university is also committed to providing the resources that faculty need to participate in cutting-edge research in their fields. Faculty initiatives are supported through infrastructure, tools, and resources that allow faculty to advance their contributions to the global society.

Through research initiatives, faculty can request research mentors through the Research office and learn more about tech commercialization and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs provides programs and resources for new and junior faculty, faculty seeking professional development opportunities, and for department chairs and deans regarding recruitment, retention and work-life balance.

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